Exciting times ahead

This is my first blog in 18 months, as I wanted to gain a panoramic view of the housing market. Taking into account, past, present and potential future growth before I allow myself to make any further statements. I always place my emphasis on these factors.

Although, I need not look any further than the previous 12 month period and the next year ahead into 2017. The past year has seen house prices exceed even my expectations. It has taken me by surprise and we have not been able to build our houses quick enough. Since Brexit (June 2016) we have seen the market change gear again, and even surpassed my exuberant expectations.

First Time Buyers & Home Movers Equity Loan Scheme

I am extremely excited for 2017 as the Government Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme has been a revelation. This scheme has been extended until year ending 2020. It gives First Time Buyers and Home Movers the opportunity to either attain their dreams of owing their own home or upsizing when it seemed impossible with banks criteria so stringent on deposit and loan to values. It is wonderful news for them and everyone else in home ownership, and please, lets not forget First Buyers are the roots of our housing market.

We move into unchartered territory with Brexit but house prices, it seems, is our constant, and this is good news for all concerned.

Colin Zaczyk

Director, Regal Homes

For more information please visit https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/equity-loan/equity-loans/