Fundraising target hit and over £40,000 raised for a local Cancer Charity

Regal Homes team collect their charity cheque at the annual PLANETs Carnival Charity ball.

A very privileged moment for Regal, proudly collecting a Charity cheque for £45,860 at the annual PLANETs charity ball.

Smashing our charity fundraising target for the ‘Scrap to the Future’ Car Rally event, which was set at £20,000. Little did we know that the outcome would be double!

With the selfless help of the PLANETs family and their supporters, along with many of our own friends and family. We cant thank you all enough.

The Charity help patients with pancreatic, liver colorectal, abdominal and neuroendocrine cancer. Above all, funding patient support groups, innovative treatment and research.

PLANETs is our designated charity.

So we wish them all the very best for hitting their 2018 fundraising target, and all future targets

Best wishes

Regal Homes