What an incredible weekend. The publicity for PLANETS Cancer Charity is overwhelming – the team effort on these events encapsulates the power of this wonderful mix of consultants, patients and friends.

The event begun six years ago, when we presented a ‘wacky races’ car rally idea to raise money for PLANETS Cancer Charity . A massive shout out to Joanne Green & Layla Stephen who gave it a chance. They helped us create Scrap to the Future trilogy. Over the course of six years, & three successful car rallies later, a whopping £100k has been raised for this amazing charity. THANK YOU everyone!

All three rallies were an unforgettable experience for all of us at Regal Homes. We are very proud, but the objective was to raise funds for this beloved charity, people will truly benefit from this, and we have all been able to do this with a smile on our faces.

Also want to thank Popham Airfield for hosting our Top Gear style event on our way to Scotland https://www.popham-airfield.co.uk/


Check out our previous rallies 2017 & 2019 respectively https://regalhomesuk.com/2018/02/07/fundraising-target-hit/ https://regalhomesuk.com/2019/10/27/local-charity-planets/