A first home you can be proud of

You only need a 5% deposit to own a 5 star award -winning home with Help to Buy England.

Exclusively available to first time buyers on new-build homes.

Help to Buy is a government scheme that means you could move home with a deposit as low as 5%. Whether you’re taking your first step onto the property ladder or moving up a run.

How does Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme work?

Under the Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme, the Government offers mortgage lenders the option to purchase a guarantee on mortgages where a borrower has a deposit of between 5% and 20%. Because of this support, participating lenders are able to offer more mortgage products to borrowers with small deposits.

Find out more at www.helptobuy.gov.uk

Who can benefit from Help to Buy?

Help to Buy is available to both first time buyers and existing home owners alike and means you can buy a new home with a low 5% deposit.

If you’re a first time buyer, we know how difficult it is to raise a large deposit to purchase your first home. With Help to Buy you will need to save just 5% deposit to get a mortgage, so you could purchase your first home sooner than you thought.

If you’re an existing homeowner, you can use Help to Buy to trade up to a bigger property – even if you have limited equity in your current home, because you only need 5% deposit to move.

Our enthusiastic team have extensive knowledge on Help to Buy schemes in your area.

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