The London to Paris planets charity event took place in 24th June 2016 and Regal Homes were delighted to have the opportunity to raise funds for this amazing cause.

‘I’ve done charity fund raising before and we all have our reasons why we get involved in these events, but when you see patients and their surgeons unite for the same cause it creates something very powerful. I personally witnessed the bond between them, it is like a family. Although I hated the hours of gruelling training, the sacrifice by all the riders and the extraordinary support team made the effort worthwhile, I felt part of something very special – I felt part of the PLANETS family’ Colin Zaczyk

PLANETS Charity said “thank you again to everyone that participated in and supported this event, we are delighted to announce that we have raised over £65,000 – enough money to pay for the next six month instalment of the lease/purchase of our intraoperative radiotherapy machine. This service is really going to help put Southampton at the forefront of advanced surgical oncology therapies worldwide, far ahead of the schedule that the NHS could expect to provide, which is what this charity fund is all about.”