• Location: Monks Way

  • Year: 2017

  • Status: SOLD

Planning permission granted for a new home in Eastleigh

Regal Homes were introduced to the homeowners of Monks Way through a local agent. They wanted to sell their unused side garden and maximise their property net worth.

Working closely alongside the homeowners. Regal Homes drafted a legal contract to purchase the land.

With the purchase of the land completed. The homeowners can comfortably continue to live in their property for the foreseeable future.

Regal’s planning team start to work in conjunction with a local respected architect. The biggest challenge everyone faced, was to design a property which was in keeping with the existing property, neighbourhood and enhances the surrounding area.

This challenge was fully met, and planning permission was successfully granted for a modern semi detached style house in Autumn 2016.

This project is very similar to the 10A Friars Road case study.

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